Sept.2016 – Nov.2017

Responsible of web design, security, site maintenance and development projects for the following official education programmes at CERN:

Other responsibilities:

  • Provide internal technical user support, training, analyze of new and existing solutions that can contribute to improve existing business workflow within the section.
  • Responsible on taking care of security maintenances, updates, acount management, back- and front end development of S’Cool LABs online learning platform (with 2500+ new users yearly).
  • Technical documentations, reports and manuals, writing new and updating existing onces.
  • IT-support for International Masterclasses.
  • Laptops management for S’Cool LAB (Number: 100+ laptops).

Side projects:

I participated in selection of web technologies to handle online applications and technical procedure for S’Cool LABs 1st summer camp and Teachers Programmes. I have been involved in part of the selections process of students to the S’Cool LAB summer CAMP 2017 and online procedure on registrations of selected candidates.


Core projects completed:

  • Deployment, configurations and web development of a new S’Cool LABs E-learning platform: Moodle using OpenStack, CentOS, Apache and PHP7.
  • Database migration and backup of the old E-learning platform.
  • Moodle integration with CERN Single-Sign-On (SSO) using SAML/Shibboleth.
  • A new S’Cool LAB website that fulfilled the following requirements: User friendly navigation, internal page restrictions for selected e-group members, implemented the workflow for submissions that handled large amounts of user data(2000+ applicants in 2017) for the editions Summer CAMP and S’Cool LAB Days. (Link here for mentions and after)
  • TSP website: Applications submissions for the 2 Teacher Programmes: HST and ITW. (Link here for mentions)
  • HSSIP: Web design and created a new website with English and French language support.
  • BL4S: Improved the website structure and page designs. Application submissions for the competition 2018 with international address field logistics.





  • Design and development of a particle physics education game: “PARTICLE IDENTITIES“. (Launched for a Science and Tech conference in Geneva, “Expanding Your Horizon 2017“.)

Ongoing project:

  • S‘Cool LAB Room Control Interface (Home Assistant – Python, YAML & Polymer).